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Stories by RichardT.W

| May 16, 2017

The ex-Pujut assemblyman says he was already 'very involved' in the community and politics and that a full-time medical... More ››

| May 15, 2017

Sarawak's Second Finance Minister Wong Soon Koh says Dr Ting Tiong Choon was still a bankrupt last year, pointing... More ››

| May 15, 2017

It says if Abang Johari's plan is to build a high-speed rail system instead of the LRT, then he... More ››

| May 15, 2017

Opposition party files motion against Wong Soon Koh for allegedly misleading state assembly. More ››

| May 15, 2017

Sim Kui Hian says while SUPP doors remain open to UPP, it would not give up its right to... More ››

| May 14, 2017

‘What happened two days ago will go down in history as a stigma on Abang Johari's administration,’ says state... More ››

| May 14, 2017

Jawatankuasa DAP Negeri akan mengadakan mesyuarat tergempar bagi membincangkan perkara tentang kehilangan kelayakan Ting sebagai wakil yang dipilih, kata... More ››

| May 14, 2017

How could BN members see themselves as more knowledgeable and with more authority than Federal Court judges?, asks DAP's... More ››

| May 14, 2017

Emergency party meeting today to discuss legal recourse says state DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen, who accuses BN reps,... More ››

| May 13, 2017

UPP leader Wong Soon Koh speaks of collaboration with his former party SUPP, in order to win back Chinese... More ››

| May 12, 2017

SUPP’s Wong Soon Koh demands Dr Ting Ching Choon state if he has Australian citizenship. More ››

| May 12, 2017

SUPP's Dr Sim Kui Hian says he, too, spent many years in Australia but unlike Dr Ting Tiong Choon,... More ››

| May 12, 2017

Calling it a ‘travesty of justice’, opposition cries foul over Barisan Nasional move to disqualify Pujut assemblyman for his... More ››

| May 12, 2017

70 members of the state legislative assembly voted in favour of disqualifying Dr Ting Tiong Choon. More ››

| May 10, 2017

'DAP kata saya cakap kosong. Tidak apa. Kita tengok. Tunggu 3 tahun. Kita tengok siapa cakap kosong,' kata ketua... More ››

| May 10, 2017

‘DAP says I am full of hot air. Never mind, just wait. Next three years ... We will... More ››

| May 9, 2017

The state expects an extra RM300 million annually from the increase in the premium but hopes to ban such... More ››

| May 9, 2017

Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen says new policy may not be able to reduce costs of imported goods... More ››

| May 6, 2017

Chief minister hails the promotions of PBB’s Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah and Talib Zulpilip to solidify the state administration. More ››

| May 6, 2017

State PKR head Baru Bian says cooperation in GE14 needed to prevent BN from continuing its hold over the... More ››

| May 6, 2017

Sebaliknya, parti pembangkang, Parti Reformasi Negeri mahu RUU seumpama itu yang bersifat terikat dengan undang-undang dan dibawa ke Parlimen. More ››

| May 6, 2017

Both Sarawak BN and state opposition leaders criticise bid by PKR to table bill for non-binding 'citizens-initiated' referendum calling... More ››

| May 4, 2017

Pakatan Harapan Youth representative says Election Commission's move to stop distributing draft of electoral roll will also 'curtail democracy'. More ››

| May 3, 2017

This will allow citizens to call for a referendum on issues close to their heart. More ››

| May 2, 2017

Awang Tengah Ali Hassan says this will allow the state's timber products to be priced more competitively for export. More ››

| April 29, 2017

Ahli Parlimen Petaling Jaya Selatan, Hee Loy Sian menjangkakan pada awal adalah bulan Oktober dan ia masa terbaik bagi... More ››

| April 29, 2017

Feel-good factor from SEA Games and double national day celebrations - Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day - in August... More ››

| April 29, 2017

Pengerusi PKR Sarawak berkata negara berisiko menjadi negara radikal ditadbir Taliban, terima kasih kepada usaha-usaha mereka seperti Hadi Awang,... More ››

| April 29, 2017

Sarawak PKR chief blames PAS president and the PM for jeopardising harmony between multiracial, multi-religious population. More ››

| April 27, 2017

PBB will also honour governor Abdul Taib Mahmud and former deputy president Alfred Jabu Numpang. More ››

| April 26, 2017

They say this will bring down the cost of imported and exported goods, while attracting international shipping lines to... More ››

| April 25, 2017

We need more enforcement to deal with the drug dealers and pushers in schools, says Sarawak minister Fatimah Abdullah. More ››

| April 20, 2017

Organisers say the forum, to be held this Sunday, will focus on empowering Sarawakian rights, not partisan politics. More ››

| April 19, 2017

Kerajaan dan pembangkang Sarawak tidak mahukan pelampau agama seperti Zakir menjejakkan kaki di negeri mereka More ››

| April 19, 2017

Sarawak DAP leader Chong Chieng Jen says BN backbencher chairman should have saved his stern words demanding oil royalty... More ››

| April 19, 2017

Local leaders say the contentious preacher is not suitable for Sarawak’s unique communal make-up. More ››

| April 14, 2017

Pemimpin DAP kata penalti 100% itu terlalu menindas dan tidak munasabah More ››

| April 14, 2017

Sarawak DAP says taxpayers who make 'honest mistakes' can still get clipped under new tax laws, which will come... More ››

| April 10, 2017

They had protested in August last year against the state's plan to acquire 130 acres for development, claiming the... More ››

| April 10, 2017

Ia akan menghilangkan keraguan orang ramai mengenai keselamatan menara yang melepaskan frekuensi radio itu. More ››

| April 10, 2017

Sarawak assemblywoman Violet Yong says this would allay fears that the towers have any long-term health effect on people. More ››

| April 7, 2017

Whatever hopes that rural Malays will support Pakatan are now probably completely gone, says Sarawak human rights activist Peter... More ››

| April 5, 2017

Reps call for investigation on whether chicken wings buried in Sibu were contaminated after hundreds of villagers are seen... More ››

| April 5, 2017

State DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen says plan to upgrade ICT infrastructure is 'direct award of a mega project... More ››

| April 3, 2017

Abang Johari Openg says the state needs a proper infrastructure system for a digital economy to draw investors and... More ››

| April 1, 2017

Opposition leaders paying Abang Johari a courtesy call leave with the assurance that the deputy chief minister is looking... More ››

| March 30, 2017

At least 8,000 people in Pusa district, Sarawak, exposed to a serious outbreak of acute gastroenteritis, says party. More ››

| March 28, 2017

He was very learned in the Iban language, history and culture, having written several books. More ››

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