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Video of ‘MMA fighter’ overpowered by Nepali guards goes viral

 | July 17, 2017

Four videos of the incident in which Nepali guards pin the man down after he kicks one of them have garnered thousands of views on Facebook.



SUBANG JAYA: Video clips of a man kicking a security guard at the entrance of a condominium here have gone viral and drawn brickbats online.

Four videos of the incident said to have occurred at USJ One Condo, which were uploaded on the Facebook account of “Discover Subang Jaya” at close to 5pm today, had garnered more than 50,000 views by late night.

In the first video, a man in a black singlet and shorts, who is labelled in the posting as “MMA fighter”, is seen facing off with a security guard who is much shorter than he is but who does not back away.

The posting said the “MMA fighter” took on the guard who did not allow him to go up to the condominium.

In the second video, the man is seen kicking the guard, ignoring someone who tries to intervene.

The guard however wrestles him to the floor and other guards who are heard speaking in Nepali rush over to restrain the man.

In the third video, four security guards are seen pinning the man down as he lies on the floor, with the guard whom he had kicked holding his legs together.

The last video, which lasted for one minute, shows residents watching the scene and ends with the guards tying the man’s hands.

The guards were heard speaking in Nepali and Malay. Viewers online criticised the man for kicking the guard whom they praised for his bravery.

Some viewers also said they wished that the guard would work in their condominiums.

Meanwhile, a Facebook user by the name of Darriush Kha Lili posted in the comments section that the man was him, saying it was a “long story”. He also said he did not intend to hurt anyone.

“I could’ve fight back easily yea, I just threw few kicks to keep him away, then these morons just jumped me, I didnt even fought back, I’m not dumb, I don’t want problem with the police, for me it’s just funny man, I admit it was my mistake,” he wrote.

“I slapped him which I said sorry and they all did too, it was just a big misunderstanding.”

He also said: “If u guys saw the full thing this guy threw few kicks at me threw kick on my groin part I didn’t no nothing man…look at these security guards man they all twerps..I didn’t even wanna fight back.”

In a post accompanying one of the videos, the user who uploaded the clip said: “Before this happened the ‘MMA FIGHTER’ threw a punch to the guard. Surprisingly didn’t knock him down.”

FMT is seeking confirmation from the police on the incident.


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