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Flora Damansara residents claim Africans behave badly

 | September 24, 2017

Residents claim open drunkenness, prostitution and molestation have become even more prevalent in the last couple of years.

Orang-Afrika-mabuk-Flora-DamansaraPETALING JAYA: Several residents of Flora Damansara have attested to seeing, the many instances of vice and unruly behaviour by foreigners living in their area, such as those expressed by a man in a video that went viral recently.

Most of them said they felt uncomfortable with the disorderly and indecent behaviour of some Africans who they claimed was disrupting the peace of their neighbourhood.

 Najib says open consumption of alcohol is a common occurrence.

Najib says open consumption of alcohol is a common occurrence.

Najib Jalil, 35, said the open consumption of alcohol had become a normal occurrence there.

“We have no problems if they want to live here. But they drink in public, and later throw the bottles and cans of alcohol all over the place. They get drunk and urinate everywhere,” he said.

“We have also seen them indulging in activities like prostitution and they disturb residents, especially the women,” he told FMT, alleging that there had been a few cases of rape as well.

In the one-and-a-half minute video, an individual claiming to represent the community in Flora Damansara, advises the patrons of a restaurant about how they should behave.

“Firstly, we object to any drug abuse in this community,” he was heard saying. “Secondly, we object to any alcohol consumption in public in Flora Damansara. Why? It is because this place is populated by a majority Muslim population. So it is very disrespectful.

“There are also highly suspicious activities such as prostitution,” he added. “Also, I urge all of you not to wear any ‘bare’ (revealing) clothes.”

The man, who is seen holding a piece of paper listing the prohibitions, gave the patrons a week to comply with the notice.

Najib, who has lived in the area for nine years, said the disturbing behaviour of the foreigners had become worse over the last couple of years.

He said the Africans had regular “hives”, such as a café in one of the apartment blocks where they would drink until as late as 3am.

“The café sells alcohol without a permit. Some of them lie on the stairways of the apartment blocks after they get drunk,” he said, showing a video of a woman who was apparently intoxicated.

He also claimed that some women dressed scantily to attract customers.

“They have been reprimanded for dressing sexily in miniskirts. Some have even offered sexual services to residents here,” he added.

Klassen claims there have been frequent cases of attempted rape and molest.

Klassen claims there have been frequent cases of attempted rape and molest.

Darryl Klassen, 43, claimed that he had been approached for sex.

“A woman who was dressed seductively asked me if I had ever entertained an African woman before. But I rejected her advances and avoided her,” he said.

Klassen, a teacher who has lived in the area for twelve years, alleged that there had been frequent cases of attempted rape and molest as well.

“Many of them become violent after getting drunk,” he said, claiming that they mostly targeted Malay women.

“My friend’s wife was molested by an African while shopping at a grocery store. Such incidents have caused fear among the people here,” he said.

 Amir has called for the police and immigration department to act.

Amir has called for the police and immigration department to act.

Another resident Amir Johari, 52, urged the police and immigration department to act on the matter.

He said numerous complaints had been made on the alleged prostitution, alcohol consumption and other disturbing activities taking place in their neighbourhood.

“We have lodged many complaints with the authorities but no action has been taken. Where are our rights as Malaysian citizens?” he asked.

Problems abound at Flora Damansara, says residents’ rep


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