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Durie Rainer Fong


2 arrested over attack at Sabah mall

Police are still looking for four others in connection with the incident.

Use city land to build affordable homes, urges former Sabah minister

Masidi Manjun suggests the Sabah government carry out affordable housing projects on its own instead of going into joint ventures with the private sector.

Sabah pertimbang tempatkan pelarian di pulau, kata ketua menteri

Shafie Apdal berkata ia mungkin dilakukan sekiranya berlaku kemasukan dari negara jiran.

Sabah to consider placing refugees on border island, says CM

Shafie Apdal says this might be done in the case of an influx from neighbouring countries, although the refugees will not be sheltered on the mainland.

Water flows again at Sabah teachers’ quarters after month of dry...

15,000 gallons sent to 17 blocks housing 1,000 residents after unpaid bill of RM700,000.

Cops looking for 6 men in violent attack at Sabah mall

A 46-second video which has gone viral on social media shows the men kicking and punching two others at the mall.

Group hopes 5 minutes will help change CM’s mind on Papar...

The Task Force Against Kaiduan Dam finally gets its chance to meet Chief Minister Shafie Apdal.

Teach history of Malaysia in schools, urges Sabah opposition rep

The Tamparuli assemblyman says the background on the federation's formation is relegated to only a few pages in textbooks.

Adun PPBM mahu DUN Sabah rekod sokong RUU Pindaan Perlembagaan yang...

Kerajaan PH gagal mendapat 148 undi menyokong yang diperlukan bagi memperoleh majoriti 2/3 untuk meminda Perlembagaan.

Sabah reps urged to show support for bill shot down in...

Sabah Umno chief Bung Mokhtar Radin slammed for not supporting the constitutional amendment bill last week.

Sabah to pursue owed revenue, with or without amendment bill, says...

Shafie Apdal says some matters need no legislative amendment as they are stated in the Federal Constitution.

Failure to amend constitution leaves lingering divisions

Some Sabahans are upset the amendment did not materialise, while others heave a sigh of relief and call for greater efforts.

Shafie: Warisan akan akhiri nasib malang PH

Presiden Warisan berkata ia bukan mudah tetapi setiap kawasan berbeza.

Shafie: Warisan will help end PH losing streak

Looking ahead to Sandakan by-election in May, the Warisan chief says 'it will not be easy' but every area is different

Former company manager quits job to contest in Sandakan by-election

Chia Siew Yung is confident of causing an upset despite his lack of experience in politics.

US warship docks in Kota Kinabalu after hectic Lima schedule

This is the second time the USS Blue Ridge is visiting Sabah after its last visit in 2011.

Adakah rundingan MA63 sudah berakhir, kata bekas KM selepas RUU tewas

Adakah kerajaan akan guna kekalahan semalam sebagai alasan untuk membunuh Perjanjian Malaysia 1963, kata Yong Teck Lee.

Is this end of MA63 talks, asks ex-Sabah CM after bill...

Yong Teck Lee says government must set up parliamentary select committee, as demanded by MPs.

Golden chance missed, Shafie says on constitutional amendment bill

The chief minister says the bill was the first step towards getting other constitutional amendments, including the rights owed to Sabah and Sarawak.

No dignity in abstaining, MPs told on amendment bill

Penampang MP Darell Leiking says in Parliament, MPs must make a decision.