Joe Samad

Joe Samad
Joe Samad shares his worldview on issues concerning the man on the street.

Can a ‘third force’ break the political paralysis?

We see petitions flying around, with people signing up for this and that, but when it's time for action, we are paralysed.

A backdoor agreement over oil?

Sabah and Sarawak are tied to the same umbilical cord called MA63, so the capitulation by Sarawak in their ‘fight’ with Petronas complicates matters.

Don’t bring back the ‘old normal’ to Sabah tourism

Tourism industry players in Sabah must put the environment first, not buildings.

Oil royalties for Sabah and Sarawak: Dead on arrival

The promise for more oil royalties was defunct from the start.

Strong leadership needed to fight Covid-19

In times of war or crisis, people will scrutinise what ministers can do.

Covid-19, the new national security threat

War games are useless when an invisible enemy can defeat nations and bring them to a standstill.

No time to die

We need to find the cure for Covid-19 and help one another overcome an invisible army.

‘Gigit jari saja’? Sabah an opposition state again

Will Shafie Apdal sink or swim with Mahathir?

2020, the leap year of frogs

What will move Malaysians out of our comfort zone to tell our politicians that no amount of free KFC or nasi bungkus will pacify us?

Case closed on 20% oil royalty

Mahathir’s shared prosperity vision is nothing more than a zero sum game and its certain the PH government has no intention of keeping its promise to give 20% oil royalty to Sabah and Sarawak.

Lessons from the Maszlee affair

Prolonged debate over Jawi does nothing to improve the economy.

Muslim world needs more Malalas rather than Gretas

We also need courageous people who will take on the Talibans of this world.

Mahathir’s cruel joke on Sabah and Sarawak?

Buying even a tiny percentage of a stake in Petronas would bankrupt the two Borneo states.

Nasi goreng and party wives

PAS is only a marriage of convenience for Umno.

Goodbye, Vision 2020

The Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 looks like a rehash of Vision 2020, but its goals may not be achievable.

Post-Piai, time to face public displeasure

The lack of clear direction in education policies may have hurt the government in the Tanjung Piai by-election.

Oil royalties and West Malaysia’s old school politicians

The 20% oil royalty promised by the PH government has slipped away into the night and will soon be forgotten until the next general election.

Dignity, respect and the ‘social contract’

If there is any social contract, and this is a big 'if', it is related to the history of the Malay peninsula and has no part in the history of Malaysia.

Stage 4 cancer in our public universities

How can we employ graduates who can only offer an imaginary social contract as their curriculum vitae to secure employment?

Equal partners but no money?

It's easy for the opposition to promise the sky, but it can be difficult to deliver once you are the government.

The complicated landscape of Sabah’s illegals

Issuing a temporary Sabah pass to qualified foreigners is a bold move but many fear for the future of the state.

Correcting the U-turn government

The public, the Cabinet and the whole country seem confused over policies that have been suddenly thrust upon us.

Mufti Asri’s rant

Like Newton's third law, when you start the idea that Malaysia belongs to the Malays, you will get an equal and opposite reaction.

The hijacking of Malaysia

Zakir Naik has now placed himself in a commanding position to influence the country’s politics through his brand of fiery Islam and its time to deal with him.