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Joe Samad

Joe Samad
Joe Samad shares his worldview on issues concerning the man on the street.

For goats sake!

What idiocy: the Malaysian narrative this week has been about an Indian doctor, two goats and a ‘pondan’.

Nazri’s logic on swearing by the Quran

With spent politicians, playing the race card is a matter of survival.

Seeking recognition through dubious means

Malaysia has created a culture where honorifics and degrees are the ticket to respect and standing in society.

The cross-eyed people in our midst

Only in Malaysia can a person's faith be tested by symbols, pictures and what is read in a book.

When Tommy takes his slick moves to court

While we are quick to criticise Attorney-General Tommy Thomas for his dancing to Chubby Checker’s “Let's Twist Again” at a private event, we are slow to compliment him for what he is doing to fight injustice.

Malaysians should learn how to be happy

If what we read in the news and talk about with our friends is anything to go by, many Malaysians are suckers for bad news.

Will a Nobel Prize winner ever come from Malaysia?

Perhaps, if we can open our eyes to see beyond the divisive communal issues of the day and devote our energy to science and literature.

Apa lagi Melayu mau?

The Malays have had everything since independence – handouts, Bumiputera policies, priority in education and full control of the country – but it was all squandered by corrupt leaders.

LGBTs: Not ogres, a disease, or contagious

The LGBT issue should be discussed openly, not driven underground.

Changing the narratives of Malaysian history

Without Sabah and Sarawak, there would be no Malaysia, so perhaps we should rethink East Malaysia's place in history.

Oil royalty or profit-sharing: which will pay more?

Based on 20% royalty, Sabah should get RM2.6 billion, double the current Budget estimate - but with profit-sharing, the amount could be as much as RM4.5 billion.

What PAS’ ‘Muslims-only’ call shows

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang once acknowledged the advantages of a multi-cultural and multiracial society, but PAS information chief Nasrudin Hassan appears to have missed that lesson.

Corruption has no language

Language should not be used as a weapon to discredit a person or create a distraction from the real crux of the matter.

Making a mountain out of a molehill over Mandarin

Statements with racial overtones are still coming from people who do not realise that the country has moved on.

Umno needs to press the reset button

Umno can no longer rely on God or blame Him for its fall.

Sabah should join Sarawak to fight Petronas

It goes without saying that any unfavourable outcome from Petronas’ action will also affect Sabah.

Will oil pipeline scandal affect Sabah?

Sabahans have many questions on the Trans-Sabah Gas Pipeline project following yesterday's revelations by Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Shafie Apdal’s challenges in Sabah

Malaysians should give Shafie Apdal a chance to do his job and prove his worth.

Will the real Maszlee please stand up?

Education Minister Maszlee Malik should clear the air on claims regarding his ideological leanings and alleged support for Zakir Naik.

Umno punch-drunk on Kool-Aid?

Umno's 'Kool-Aid' concoction has seen it and its former leader, Najib Razak, fall from the heights of power.