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M Murallitharan

M Murallitharan
Dr M Murallitharan is the medical director of the National Cancer Society, and is actively engaged in health system reforms especially in dealing with non-communicable diseases.

Addressing the so-called ‘doctors glut’

Creating more doctors in Malaysia was misplaced and ill-thought.

In health, some rights are wrong

Even freedom of movement, one of the most basic rights, can be restricted by the government in the interest of public health.

What the budget’s focus on healthcare says

The 2020 Budget, which provided an increased allocation for this sector, also proves that the government is listening to the people.

Navigating the hazy road ahead

A joint Asean forest fire-fighting force can be deployed every year to fight forest fires.

Hazy road ahead

It’s been a hazy 'Hari Malaysia' weekend and one can’t help but wonder, if anybody is worried about it at all.

Towards equity and equality in our healthcare

Malaysians are more interested in healthcare policies beneficial towards the middle-income Malaysian, but ignore the underprivileged.

Regulate all sellers of health or none

Physiotherapists, chiropractors, beauticians and those who sell supplements should also be regulated.

Overcrowding at government hospitals

More patients seeking treatment at emergency and trauma departments mean more admissions to government hospitals and higher expenditure.