M Murallitharan

M Murallitharan
Dr M Murallitharan is the medical director of the National Cancer Society, and is actively engaged in health system reforms especially in dealing with non-communicable diseases.

Covid-19? How quickly we forget

We must not let our guard down just because there are fewer cases and fatalities.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance

The stark truth is that the road to recovery from Covid-19 will be long and painful.

A tale of frontliners

The frontliners are the new soldiers, battling to save their families, loved ones, their people, their country, and yes, perhaps even the world.

I am tabligh, we are all tabligh

It’s not your fault if you get the infection, but it is your fault if you ignore advice, pass it on, and someone dies.

Why Malaysia may fail the Covid-19 exam

The public does not seem to be cooperating enough in the battle against Covid-19.

Is the movement control order a lockdown?

The government tries its best to treat us as responsible adults; are we?

Deep impact of Covid-19

The deep impact of Covid-19 may be felt for years if not decades after the dust has settled.

Our endemic attitudes causing an epidemic

Road accidents are a non-communicable disease and our endemic 'tidak apa' attitude has a huge impact on our society.

Beware the virulence of fear

We need to trust the professionals at the ministry of health to handle the coronavirus threat and not fall prey to the hidden hands fanning the flames of fear and hysteria for their own gain.

Be careful of conflicts of interest in healthcare

When you receive health advice from non-medical professionals, consider carefully whether the person giving the advice will benefit financially from it.

Solving the problem of bad apples among doctors

Failure by the medical profession to self-regulate will see laws put in place by the government, giving the public a bad impression of doctors.

The problem with regulating healthcare

Deregulation of consultation fees is a good thing, but doctors need to take ownership and regulate themselves.

Addressing the so-called ‘doctors glut’

Creating more doctors in Malaysia was misplaced and ill-thought.

In health, some rights are wrong

Even freedom of movement, one of the most basic rights, can be restricted by the government in the interest of public health.

What the budget’s focus on healthcare says

The 2020 Budget, which provided an increased allocation for this sector, also proves that the government is listening to the people.

Navigating the hazy road ahead

A joint Asean forest fire-fighting force can be deployed every year to fight forest fires.

Hazy road ahead

It’s been a hazy 'Hari Malaysia' weekend and one can’t help but wonder, if anybody is worried about it at all.

Towards equity and equality in our healthcare

Malaysians are more interested in healthcare policies beneficial towards the middle-income Malaysian, but ignore the underprivileged.

Regulate all sellers of health or none

Physiotherapists, chiropractors, beauticians and those who sell supplements should also be regulated.

Overcrowding at government hospitals

More patients seeking treatment at emergency and trauma departments mean more admissions to government hospitals and higher expenditure.