Tony Mariadass

Tony Mariadass
Tony Mariadass is a journalist with more than four decades of experience and is passionate about local sports.

Will fans support Harimau Malaya with foreign players?

The influx of foreign and naturalised players in the M-League is seriously threatening to ruin Malaysian football and fan support.

Sprinter to get his money as dispute over RM20,000 ends

MAF says it will pay Russel Taib once it has received several receipts for training expenditure as well as the sprinter's training programme.

Bungling officials wrecking Malaysian sports must go

Athletes suffer as officials with personal agendas ruin sports in the country

Record holder Russel gets good news after poser over promised money

Russel Nasir Taib has been recruited for the 2020 Podium Programme, for which he will be paid RM2,000 in monthly allowance until year-end.

Past, present MAF chiefs spar over RM20,000 for sprinter Russel Taib

MAF president SM Muthu says he is in the dark about the money while his predecessor Karim Ibrahim maintains that the council was aware of the funds.

Record-breaker Russel’s MAF money woes

Sprinter says he was presented with a mock cheque for RM20,000 in March last year, but hasn't received the money.

Sneaking into Harimau Malaya – via video games

A new twist to the question of whether the national losing its identity by accepting foreign-born players who are naturalised.

Finally, football schools come under FAM scope

But the bigger challenge will be executing and monitoring the system.

From hockey poster boy to forlorn star

Faizal Saari is still devastated over his exclusion from the “Speedy Tigers” in February, and the continuing criticism by the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC).

The inside story of how football stars are made

5 Questions for Luis Pablo Pozzuto

Running great Rajkumar stays on track for business success

After setting a middle-distance record that still stands, the small-town boy owns a budget hotel, an orchard, an animal farm, chalets and a real estate company.

Has Malaysia got no talent in sports?

Malaysian sports administrators lament the dearth of talent in the country but do nothing about it.

Ex-400m hurdles champ Zambrose dies from cancer

The 76-year-old won gold medals in the SEAP Games and competed in the Mexico Olympics in 1968.

Ex-sports council chief defends controversial UK training centre

Dr Ramlan Abdul Aziz says no survey was done and the then estimated cost of RM490 million was just a 'speculative figure'.

King sends football greats to visit ailing Namat

Former Malaysian skipper Soh Chin Aun among those who call on Namat Abdullah by royal command.

Bekas rakan sepasukan beri kata semangat pada legenda Namat Abdullah

Bekas pemain pertahanan negara itu menghidap kanser tahap 4.

‘Keep fighting,’ roar football stars for ailing legend Namat Abdullah

The player, who was capped 115 times for the country, is fighting cancer.

Foreign base the answer to achieving sports excellence?

It has been proven that with overseas-based programmes and stints, Malaysia has produced world class sportsmen and sportswomen.