A Froot Loops fashion line is here, courtesy of Kellogg’s

AWAYTOMARS / Froot Loops collection 2018 (AFP Relaxnews pic)

Breakfast cereal giant Kellogg’s has teamed up with fashion brand Awaytomars on a new clothing collaboration inspired by the new ‘Wild Berry’ version of its famous fruity cereal. The 10-piece collection spans hats, t-shirts, sneakers, hoodie, jacket and a dress, as well as a special sneaker print featuring purple ‘Wild Berry’ stars. The entire series was designed by a community collective of almost 700 different designers.

“So many of us have memories associated with colourful bites of Froot Loops, and through the power of our co-creation community, we quickly expanded our designs beyond the cereal’s bright red box,” said Awaytomars founder Alfredo Orobio in a statement. “Together, we found a way to infuse the fun, playful spirit of Froot Loops and tie the capsule to the full Awaytomars Spring/Summer 19 collection, which is inspired by the visuals of early 20th-century silent movies.”

Kellogg’s is the latest in a long line of food companies to have made a move on the fashion industry over the past few years. Earlier this year, global pretzel chain Auntie Anne’s launched an apparel collection for men, women and children, while last year saw fried chicken joint KFC release a fast food-themed fashion and lifestyle holiday collection, and Taco Bell team up with retailer Forever 21 on a clothing line.

Awaytomars/Fruit Loops is now available on awaytomars.com/frootloops