5 things you didn’t know about the Big Bad Wolf book sale

The annual Big Bad Wolf Book Sale has always been a hit with Malaysians. Featuring 4.5 million books sold at 75% to 95% cheaper than their original prices, the last mega sale of books took place at Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC) in mid-December last year.

The 24-hour sale completes its 10th year milestone this year and as we wait to see what The Big Bad Wolf will cook up for us, here are five facts about this literary phenomenon.

Remainder books keep the prices low

Has it always been a mystery to you how Big Bad Wolf is able to keep the prices of its books so low?

That’s because they’re in the remainder book business, which simply means they get their books at really cheap prices from publishers before the paperbacks are shredded and pulped after they pass their in-store shelf life.

It all started with just two people

Almost a decade ago, when the Big Bad Wolf Sale kicked-off for the first time at Dataran Hamodal, it was manned by only two people, the founders Andrew Yap and Jacqueline Ng who did everything themselves, from hanging banners to pricing the books.

It was worth their effort, as more than 90% of the 160,000 books featured were sold, proving the sale to be a mega hit.

The idea came from a RM9.90 magazine shop

Before opening BookXcess (the bookstore which led to the sale), the couple had a 500 sq ft shop in Amcorp Mall called Reissued, from where they were selling backdated magazines for RM9.90.

This was followed by an opportunity to sell books, and in large quantities at that. And as they say, the rest is history.

Now in 16 cities worldwide

The Big Bad Wolf Sale has since made its mark in 16 Asian cities, including Jakarta, Manila, Colombo, Bangkok, Dubai, and of course, its home turf Kuala Lumpur.

Asia’s biggest seller of augmented reality books

augmented reality or AR books are the latest phenomenon to take over the children’s literature landscape and the Big Bad Wolf Sale is the place to get your hands on some of these copies at really low prices.

AR books are known for engaging with a child’s creativity and fostering interactivity through its cutting-edge presentation of content.

This article first appeared in uppre.com