Why studying medicine in Russia is a wonderful option

Medicine is one of the most popular courses among students and there’s no denying that many parents would like their children to have the distinguished MD or MBBS certification.

However, not everyone has the chance to fulfil their lifelong ambition to pursue medicine.

For one, seats in local public universities are limited. What’s more, competition is tough, resulting in many students with excellent results often failing to get a placement in local medical schools.

If this isn’t enough to contend with, studying medicine in local private universities and medical schools abroad can be extremely expensive.

Medicine is one of the most expensive degrees to study for anywhere in the world, and not many parents can afford to send their children to these private institutions.

But there is an alternative choice for students who aspire to become doctors.

Russia is one of the most popular destinations for medical studies currently as it allows students to study medicine more affordably without compromising on the quality of the education they will receive.

International students from almost every corner of the world, including Malaysia are enrolled in top medical universities there.

So why should you chose to study in Russia?

Many of the cities in Russia have prominent universities where you can receive high quality education in a safe environment.

Self-funded study is much cheaper in Russian universities than the equivalent in the US, UK, Western Europe and Australia.

In terms of training, leading Russian universities are also on par with educational institutions in the West.

The courses are conducted fully in English and the qualifications students receive are internationally recognised. The quality of teaching in Russian universities is also comparable with universities anywhere else.

Russian universities are proud of their long experience in the training and acclimatisation of international students; supervisory programmes are arranged for first-year students and there is an established network of student communities and association bodies.

Besides that, students benefit from a European studying environment.

In Russia, students will go through six years of medical studies. The first three are focused on theoretical knowledge and the final three are mainly clinical rotations.

Students are posted to various top hospitals with excellent facilities and are taught by the very best doctors in the country.

Students will also engage in various sports activities when over there. There is an annual inter-varsity sports games between all Malaysian-recognised universities in Russia where students will travel across cities to participate in these games to represent their universities.

Many parents wonder how such quality education can be offered at a relatively low price. To clear all doubts, Russia’s education is heavily subsidised by the Russian government for both local citizens and foreigners.

If parents previously had concerns about the safety of Russia, they will definitely feel differently after the recent FIFA World Cup was held there. Russia is a safe country to live and study in. The crime rate is very much lower compared to the rest of the Europe, be it Western or Central Europe.

The path to education in Russia is very direct and simple, and the enrolling process is not as difficult or complicated as one thinks.

For students still considering the right path to take, have a look at Russian medical universities and join the ever-growing number of alumni.

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