Taiping named 3rd most sustainable city in the world but…

Taiping is special to many Malaysians because the food there is delicious and cheap. Well, while no longer as cheap as it used to be, the food is still very good.

Besides the food, Taiping Lake Garden shows off nature at its best. If only all other cities and towns in Malaysia had a lake garden integrated into the city itself.

But food and nature aside, those living in Taiping have another thing to be proud about – the city was just awarded the title of Third Most Sustainable City in the World.

According to an article in The Star, Taiping is the third most sustainable city in the world, right behind Ljubljan, Slovenia and Vancouver, Canada – how’s that for impressive?

The ranking is based on the cities’ urban sustainability and its avoidance of disruptive over-tourism.

Taiping was awarded this honour during the 2019 Sustainable Top 100 Destination Awards at the International Tourismus-Börse (ITB) in Berlin, Germany.

Datuk Abd Rahim Md Ariff, president of the Taiping Municipal Council said this prestigious award was due to the hard work of the community, relevant government agencies and the council.

In December 2018, Taiping was listed as among 100 Sustainable Cities by Green Destinations which was a list made to recognise the contribution of the authorities towards creating a more sustainable environment.

For any Malaysian who’s not been to Taiping, it’s time for a trip. Make it a family one. Even the name is significant because Taiping means Peace.

But here’s the thing – while Taiping is an amazing city, it isn’t right for property investment.

However, rest assured that if there’s a ranking for Most Liveable or even Best Retirement cities in Malaysia, Taiping will be high in this ranking.

Maybe you can consider Taiping if you’re looking to buy another retirement home.

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