Inside the Bangkok home of Jim Thompson

Other than being a silk mogul, Jim Thompson was an architect, an antique collector and served as a spy during the Second World War.

While in Bangkok, paying a visit to the Jim Thompson House might prove a worthwhile experience.

The story of Jim Thompson and his mysterious end is actually tied to Malaysian history, as the American silk mogul disappeared while visiting Cameron Highlands in 1967.

A former architect, among other things, he collected antiques and displayed them in the home he designed himself.

The Jim Thompson House Museum is located in the Pathum Wan District in central Bangkok.

There is an entrance fee of 200 baht, inclusive of a guided tour in English when you visit the museum. Bear in mind that no photographs are allowed while inside.

A weaving loom for silk threads.

After storing your shoes and other belongings in the lockers provided, you will be ushered into Thompson’s huge house where the tour of the living and sleeping quarters, including the beautiful sprawling gardens, will begin.

The furniture in the house are the original ones that Thompson himself used, and even the arrangement of the furniture has been left in its original state – or so you will be told.

Under the supervision of Thompson, the Thai silk industry which was on the verge of collapse was revitalised.

Then, there is also Thompson’s personal collection of artworks that are on display. The tour is inclusive of a performance of traditional dance and a demonstration on how to make silk clothing.

Thompson’s house also has a gallery that shows how the silk industry in Thailand was revived under his purview.

In a disturbing but intriguing display, visitors can watch silkworms feasting on leaves.

One section of the house is dedicated to a cluster of silkworms feasting on leaves, which is somewhat unpleasant yet fascinating to watch.

So, in short, the Jim Thompson House is a hybrid of museum cum gallery, dedicated to Thompson, who was never found.

His legacy however continues and the Thai silk industry is still flourishing as a result of his efforts.

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