Reddit launches new feature called ‘Start Chatting’

New ‘Start Chatting’ feature on Reddit. © Courtesy of Reddit Start Chatting

Reddit has announced that, in light of how the Covid-19 outbreak has brought new subscribers to their platform looking for people to talk to, they’ve launched a “Start Chatting” feature on the discussion site which connects people with others from the same community to speak in small groups.

With a great deal of the world being ordered to self-quarantine in their homes to slow the spread of Covid-19, social sites designed to connect people across the globe with one another have been experiencing major increases in activity.

Reddit is one such site, and to help their subscribers have better discussions, the website was given a feature called “Start chatting” to promote small group conversation.

Each subreddit, or themed community, now has a button for this at the top of the page. When pressed, the site will match them with other people from the same community and put them in a small group to chat together.

Reddit hopes that “that this will become a fun way for people to find other like-minded people on Reddit and make new friends that share their interests.”

Start Chatting began rolling out to communities yesterday — about 50% — and will continue to roll out to more over the next few weeks.