The rapid evolution of freelancing

Freelancers offer high standards and a better experience for clients. (Rawpixel pic)

Freelancing and what independent workers have to offer are evolving rapidly, not only in terms of technology but in terms of new skills, professions and the aspirations of workers in this new era.

Companies that want to excel and stand out from the competition need new talent, but many independent professionals no longer want to work in a bricks-and-mortar facility and prefer to work on project by project basis as a consultant or external support.

Free, independent and freelance talent

Independent work offers a flexible schedule, more control of time, opportunities for higher income and a better work-life balance.

This is the driving force behind the labour market moving towards freelancing. The current dynamic for company development is based on:

  • Hiring talent on a project by project basis
  • Talents choose projects, not companies

These factors will create cultural changes in the organisational climate of companies and working relationships and the commitment of the team members will exist on a different level.

This means that remote and freelance work has been revolutionising the scope of companies, the labour market and organisational structures.

The mentality of freelancers has changed

Freelancers are not looking for easy street, nor are they looking for an alternative means to earn some pocket money. Freelancers have gone pro – they offer high standards and a better experience for clients in order to maintain their lifestyle.

Freelancers are specialists who strive for professional development by successfully completing projects and providing innovative solutions.

It is a career, and advancement and recognition depend on the reputation the freelancer has earned by completing each project. That is why it can be to a company’s advantage to work with freelancers.

Changes to the platform foster a better quality experience for both sides. (Rawpixel pic)

Technology is taking relationships to the next level

Technology has taken the relationship between freelancers and companies to the next level. Freelancing platforms now have systems that allow reputations to be measured.

The classification system – the iron, bronze, silver, gold, platinum and hero levels – and the rating scale require freelancers to keep developing their skills and improving to rise to a top-level ranking (gold or higher).

They must work diligently to maintain a good reputation on the platform, which translates into completing excellent work.

Their digital reputation is the most powerful currency of an independent worker. Workana maintains activity logs, mediation processes and qualification certifications to curate a pool of the best professional specialists.

And Workana’s secure payment system provides a 100% money-back guarantee if the work does not meet the agreed-upon requirements.

In some plans, the customer success manager conducts a rigorous follow-up on projects in terms of deadlines, scope and deliverables to simplify the process and eliminate obstacles.

Creating a positive experience

Workana was founded to respond to the need to make freelancing more secure for both freelancers and their clients. The process now includes these key aspects:

  • The client company identifies its needs.
  • The company creates the project to receive proposals and budgets from freelancers.
  • Workana has consultants who can assist during the process. Recruiting can be done by Workana specialists who present a list of the best candidates for the job.
  • If the company decides to do the search itself, profiles are provided for analysis and interviews can be conducted over chat.
  • The payment is put in escrow and is protected until it is released upon completion of each phase of the project or the entire project.
  • The freelancer provides drafts for corrections or changes.
  • The project ends with the client’s approval and the deposit is released.
  • The freelancer is evaluated according to the client’s experience working with them.

This system means career-focused freelancers complete their projects on time, according to the agreed-upon terms and oftentimes with added value.

This is reflected in the high rehiring rate. Once a client works with a professional on the platform, it is very likely the client will use that freelancer again.

Best of all, the freelancer is within reach to be hired whenever they are needed, using Workana as an intermediary to guarantee a positive experience.

Workana is more competitive now

At the end of last year, in tandem with the freelancing revolution, Workana improved the platform. Transformations have taken place that foster better quality guarantees and experiences as well as creating a more competitive environment for freelancers.

Since the beginning of this year, approval of a freelancer’s profile and their ability to send proposals to clients has depended on an evaluation of the information provided by them, which has boosted the quality of remote workers who have access to the platform.

Workana clients have access to the best international freelance talent, creating the best conditions for a successful outcome for a project and a positive experience.

It is no longer about occasionally hiring an online professional; it is about having the best talent available when it is needed.

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