WSJ gets Pulitzer nomination for ‘masterful’ 1MDB reporting

PETALING JAYA: The Wall Street Journal’s “masterful reporting” of alleged financial fraud at 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) that got the world sitting on the edge of their seats last year, has earned the news outfit a nomination for the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in the category of International Reporting.

The journalists named for their coverage of the scandal was Tom Wright, Bradley Hope, Simon Clark, Mia Lamar and James Hookway.

Their series of articles were published between July 2 and Dec 28 of last year, starting with “Malaysia Leader’s Accounts Probed” and ending with “The Money Network of Malaysian Politics.” There were 10 articles in total that were nominated.

According to the cover letter written by Gerard Baker that was sent to Pulitzer Prize judges, a team of 10 WSJ reporters in seven countries, and led by Tom Wright and Bradley Hope, spent six months “untangling a giant financial web” centred on 1MDB.

He added, “The Journal’s coverage didn’t just expose the details of a Malaysian prime minister’s slush fund. It also revealed a level of corruption that went far beyond the day-to-day payoffs that had become accepted in a young nation’s political system,” Baker said, adding that it was this reason that he was “proud” to nominate the WSJ team for the Pulitzer Prize.

Their nominated work was described as “…masterful reporting that exposed corruption at the highest levels of a fragile democracy, leading to ‘Malaysia’s Watergate’.”

The Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting was however awarded to Alissa J Rubin of The New York Times for her 2015 work in Afghanistan.

According to the website, Rubin was honoured for her “…thoroughly reported and movingly written accounts giving voice to Afghan women who were forced to endure unspeakable cruelties.”

The Pulitzer Prize awards ceremony was held on Monday.