Pahang mufti: Wage war via debate not weapons, killings


PETALING JAYA: Pahang mufti Dr Abdul Rahman Osman, who is under fire over his “kafir harbi” remark, says he does not condone the killing of anyone.

The Star quoted him saying that his remark about declaring war against non-believers of Islam did not carry any literal context and could even be subjected to Muslims who went against Islamic principles.

“As Muslims, we have the responsibility to declare jihad against kafir harbi. But in this context, jihad does not necessarily mean picking up weapons and going to war.

“In this case, jihad means we just declare war against their ideology through debate and argument,” he was quoted as saying.

He said it was “absurd” to wage war against non-Muslims in a multi-cultural country like Malaysia and it would make no sense for him to trigger chaos as he too, had Chinese and Indian friends.

Abdul Rahman said it was the right of the people to lodge reports against him.

He also said that non-Muslims should not be concerned over the proposed amendments to strengthen the powers of the Shariah courts as it did not involve them.

He added it was “far-fetched” to compare his remark with that of the Islamic State’s ideology.

Abdul Rahman has refused to retract or apologise for his remarks and the police have confirmed that he is being probed for sedition over the remark.