Reduce Uber, GrabCar service charges, suggests Abdul Wahid


PUTRAJAYA: Ridesharing car services such as Uber and GrabCar should reduce their service charges to help drivers secure more income, said Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB) Chairman Abdul Wahid Omar.

“Uber takes about 25% (as service fee) from the drivers. They could do with less,” he said based on his experience as a Uber driver.

The ex-minister was driving a Uber taxi for charity purposes and to promote the newly-launched Proton Perdana car for a short while after he ended his tenure as a senator.

“It is something I always wanted to experience. The use of technology and ridesharing.

“But I couldn’t do it while I was a minister,” he said in jest during a luncheon talk titled “Transforming Nations Through Creativity and Innovation”, which was held in conjunction with the 2016 International Conference on Blue Ocean Strategy (ICBOS) here today.

“I drove about 11 hours and only did 17 trips, netting RM210, of which RM10 went for toll charges, RM50 was taken by Uber (as service fee) and I was left with RM150,” he said.

Hence, if the ridesharing companies reduced their service fee, perhaps Uber drivers could make more income, he opined.

Abdul Wahid added that the method of getting passengers by using technology and applications such as Uber and GrabCar could absolutely help increase the income of ordinary taxi drivers.

The ride-sharing application is gaining popularity here and worldwide and the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) had recently submitted a proposal to legalise both Uber and GrabCar in Malaysia.