Pilot sex education classes for teenage boys in five states

KUALA LUMPUR: The National Parent-Teacher Associations Collaborative Council wants comprehensive and integrated sex education that is not gender-bias, for introduction in schools, beginning next month.

Its president, Dr Mohamad Ali Hassan said the pilot project, in five states, would be held to address the issue of sexual misconduct among teenagers from varying angles, including from the involvement of parties such as the health ministry, Department of Islamic Development, as well as other religions.

“To form a wholesome plan comprising various dimensions, everyone must collaborate in developing an integrated and comprehensive module that is not gender-bias and is general in focus.

“Women should also have the right to protect themselves,” he said in a media interview.

Two days ago, the women, family and community development ministry announced that a module on reproductive health education and the sexuality of teenage boys would be introduced next month in schools in Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Sabah.

The module was developed by the National Population and Family Development Board. It will be implemented for a month-long probation, which will be included in the schools’ counselling programme, focussing on teenage boys aged 16 and above, to instil awareness in taking care of themselves and the environment.

Mohamad Ali hoped the aims of the education plan would be materialised through a more effective approach that is not temporary in nature.

He said it was crucial to prepare skilled teaching staff in ensuring the success of its implementation, adding that a spiritual approach was much more important, namely in terms of religion, culture and customs.

Meanwhile, LPPKN director-general Dr Siti Norlasiah Ismail said there was a need to have differing modules for teenage boys and girls as based on a study in 2011, it was found that teenage boys tended to commit sexual offences.

“We will carry out more interactive activities to instil awareness while emphasising on the importance of respect and responsibility,” she said.