‘Enemy of DAP but intimate with China’


PETALING JAYA: Former newspaper editor A Kadir Jasin has expressed concern that the Malaysian government has developed an over-dependence on China under Prime Minister Najib Razak’s leadership.

Kadir, a former chief editor of the New Straits Times, wrote on his blog that Malaysia’s leaders ought to be worried about China’s new hegemony, what more with its politics which are actively disrupting the Asean consensus as well as Asean’s policy of neutrality.

“Najib, whether realising it or not, is killing the legacy of (his father) the late Tun Abdul Razak, who wanted Malaysia and China to become equal friends and not to have China dominate over money,” he said.

He added that Najib’s intimacy with China was the exact opposite of the animosity between Umno and DAP.

“It’s strange. While Umno supporters are being fed propaganda in order to hate and fear the Chinese in DAP, their own president is so intimate with China to the point that he’s willing to hand over strategic (railways and sea controls) and iconic (Bandar Malaysia) projects to a company owned by China.”

Kadir said there were two huge developments closely associated with Najib’s statements on Oct 21 in which the Prime Minister asked for prayers that his visit to China would be a success.

“First, Cai Zemin, China Railway Corporation’s general manager in Malaysia, said that the biggest underground city in the world will be built in Malaysia. Cai Zemin described it as a ‘gem sparkling in the corridors of China’s railway’.

“Second, on Oct 28, the Defence Ministry said on its Facebook page that Malaysia will sign a contract to buy naval ships from China.”

Kadir said that Najib’s visit was believed to have been made in order to sell more mega-projects including the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore high-speed train and the East Coast Railway.

He questioned why the Chinese had become Najib’s choice and whether or not it was because the Chinese had a model for state bankruptcy, or if it was because the Chinese had the expertise while Malaysia did not.

“Or is it because China is willing to settle the debts that arose following the 1MDB global scandal after Najib took over leadership? Or is there a huge, monstrous hidden agenda in the sales of assets to China?”