‘Home ministry ready to work with MACC in fighting corruption’


CANBERRA: Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says his ministry is fully committed to fighting corruption involving enforcement agencies.

He added that it would not compromise with any enforcement agency found to be protecting illegal gambling activities and prostitution.

He was responding to Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner Dzulkifli Ahmad, who recently said MACC had proof of enforcement agencies in a southern state that were protecting gambling and prostitution syndicates offering payments amounting to RM1.2 million per month.

According to Dzulkifli, MACC had discovered the evidence in the form of documents during recent operations.

Zahid, who is also deputy prime minister, said the ministry would give MACC its support and whatever assistance was needed to combat the scourge of corruption.

“If it is true… PDRM (Royal Malaysia Police) and the home ministry will definitely cooperate with MACC and support its enforcement actions.”