DAP re-election: Act professionally, Zahid tells RoS


BAGAN DATUK: The Registrar of Societies (RoS) has been asked to act professionally in handling the new DAP central executive committee (CEC) re-election in a legitimate and transparent manner to enable delegates to elect 20 valid and recognised CEC members.

Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said whatever action taken by RoS would be based on the party’s constitution to safeguard its members.

“The RoS has met me and I have asked him (the director-general of RoS) to act professionally and not emotionally, and that whatever action taken by RoS must be based on the Societies Act 1966 and in accordance with DAP’s constitution.

“This is because RoS is an organisation which looks after the interest of members of any association, including political parties.”

Zahid, who is also home minister, said this at a press conference after opening the Bagan Datuk Umno division delegates meeting here today.

Yesterday, RoS director-general Mohammad Razin Abdullah said the appointment of CEC members and those who held key positions in DAP via its re-election on Sep 29, 2013 was deemed unlawful.

The re-election should be based on the list of delegates entitled to attend and vote in the CEC election on Dec 15, 2012 which involved 2,576 delegates from 865 branches.

This is because only valid and recognised CEC members can appoint individuals to the main positions, in accordance with the Societies Act 1966 and DAP’s constitution.

Hence, Zahid said, Mohammad Razin’s media statement yesterday was in the interest of what was enshrined in the party’s constitution as well as acting in accordance with the Societies Act 1966.

“I am confident RoS will send an official letter to DAP secretary-general (Lim Guan Eng). The statement issued by RoS yesterday is an explanation to the statements made by DAP leaders before this,” he said.