Survey: Young voters think country is heading in wrong direction


KUALA LUMPUR: Young voters by and large feel that the country is heading in the wrong direction, a public opinion survey has shown.

According to the survey titled “Public Opinion Survey: Youth Perception on the Economy, Leadership and Current Issues”, 57% of the 604 polled feel that the country is heading the wrong way.

The main reasons cited were economic concerns, said 49% of those surveyed, followed by administration, political issues, leadership and corruption.

“The view is primarily driven by how they see their own personal financial conditions,” the survey said.

The results of the survey were released at a public forum here last night.

The survey further showed that 74.2% of youth felt that the economy was the main concern, and only 2.3% felt that corruption was a key concern.

Some 51% viewed inflation as a top issue, followed by corruption (34%). Less than 10% saw the 1MDB scandal, allegations against the integrity of Prime Minister Najib Razak and worsening race relations as top issues, at 6%, 5% and 5% respectively.

As for satisfaction with the government, 67% of those polled said they were not satisfied.

The survey, a joint project between Watan, a youth voter registration NGO, and Merdeka Center, was carried out between Aug 3 and 8.

It involved 604 respondents, aged between 21 and 30, across all states and parliamentary constituencies in Peninsular Malaysia.