Problems abound at Flora Damansara, says residents’ rep


PETALING JAYA: A representative of residents of Flora Damansara has said that the many social problems affecting the people there are real and in no way exaggerated.

Speaking to FMT today, acting chairman of its residents’ association Wan Mohd Zaid Ismail said that drug abuse, alcohol consumption in public areas and indecent dressing were common occurrences.

He also said that in addressing these issues, a group of men had gone of their own accord to a coffee shop there, to appeal to the people not to use drugs, drink alcohol in public or dress indecently in respect of the mostly Muslim population in their area.

He also said he was not taking sides, but supported actions that would bring good to the community.

“It was the residents’ idea and plan. It was their right as individuals. It was beyond my control.

“But the problems raised by the residents, do exist. I am not denying them. They are not made up or exaggerated.

“The residents feel uncomfortable, for instance when public displays of intoxication happen, and those who are drunk become disruptive,” he said when contacted about a video in which a man is seen explaining to those present about the present social issues facing those in Flora Damansara.

In the video, that has since gone viral, the man says, “Firstly, we object to any drug abuse in this community.

“Secondly, we object to any alcohol consumption in public in Flora Damansara. Why? It is because this place is populated by a majority Muslim population. So it is very disrespectful.

“There are also highly suspicious activities such as prostitution.

“Also, I urge all of you not to wear any ‘bare’ (revealing) clothes,” he says.

When contacted by FMT, the man in the video refused to elaborate on his comments, except to say, “I may talk tomorrow”.