EC chided over PJ Utara seat merger, doubling of voters

Chua Piak Chwee, is one of the voters from Petaling Jaya Utara who is objecting to the proposed re-delineation of the parliamentary seat.

SHAH ALAM: Voters in Petaling Jaya Utara are disappointed with the Election Commission (EC) over the proposed redelineation of the parliamentary seat (P106).

Representing a group of 110 voters who submitted their objection to the EC today, the group’s spokesperson, Chua Piak Chwee, 72, said it was ridiculous that one MP had to take care of so many constituents.

He was referring to the EC’s redelineation proposal to turn P106, which is Petaling Jaya Utara, into Damansara by merging PJU with parts of Selayang, Bukit Lanjan, Sungai Buloh and Kepong.

It will turn P106 into a massively populated seat, increasing from 85,000 voters to almost 150,000 voters, thus making it one of the largest seats in the country.

“It will be too large a seat for one MP to handle. The 75% increase in voters will burden the MP, therefore our votes have been diluted compared with other areas.

“Besides PJ, they have pulled in Bukit Lanjan, Sungai Buloh, Kepong and Selayang.

“The needs of all these voters are different, so how can one MP serve all of them?” he asked after submitting his objections.

Tony Pua is the current Petaling Jaya Utara MP. The DAP national publicity secretary won the seat in the last two general elections, winning in 2013 with a 44,672 majority, from the 70,727 votes cast.

Meanwhile, Chua also cited the constitution as supporting their cause on how the people are represented.

“It is not fair to the voters if we do not get the full attention of our elected representatives.

“We also believe that this is against some parts of the constitution as it says that all areas must be equal and we are appealing to them through this objection.

“We strongly believe that with this redelineation there will be a malapportionment and it is not logical.”

According to Chua, the proposed Damansara parliamentary will have four times more voters than Sabak Bernam and about 10 times that of Putrajaya.

“When you carry out a redelineation, it should improve the situation, not deteriorate it.”