BN is the most consistent in helping the people, says Musa


KOTA KINABALU: People should continue putting their trust in only the BN because opposition parties are no more than mushrooms in the rain that wither and disappear just as quickly, said Sabah Chief minister Musa Aman.

“They will come to the constituencies armed with promises. Some of them want positions but when they don’t get, they sulk and leave.

“In the end, the only thing that remains is the BN and we will be with Umno and the people, no matter what the situation,” he said after visiting three district polling centres – Sg Sibuga, Sg Batang and Batu Putih – in Sandakan today.

Musa, who is also Sg Sibuga assemblyman, was addressing his constituents at a ‘Meet the People’ session in Batu Putih. Most of those present were Umno members.

He said an elected representative was expected to serve the people and not be served by them.

Hence, he urged party members not to abuse the mandate given by the people to the party and their leaders.

“We need to continue working for the people, help them, meet with them always,” he said.

Musa expressed satisfaction with the election machinery in each of the three centres, as well as the full cooperation from all party wings.

He said this showed that the centres here were ready to face the 14th general election.

“Election is not alien to us. God willing, this will be the fourth time I am leading the BN election campaign in Sabah.

“The most important thing is we are loyal and united and ensure whoever our candidate is, we must support and help each other,” he said.

He said Sabah BN could hold its head high because over the years, it had proved to be an effective and hard-working government that always worked to help the people.

During the event, Musa also presented school bags to 350 students, agricultural assistance to 200 farmers and wheelchairs to seven disabled persons.

He hoped the assistance, especially to school children, would motivate them to work hard in their studies and help their own families one day.

“We want to educate children so that one day, when they have succeeded in their careers, they will in turn help the younger generation.

“This is why I built the Education Hub in Sandakan so that our children need not travel far to get education and thus, save on the cost of education.

“Here, we have University Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Polytechnic Sandakan, MRSM and many more to come,” he said.

The Sabah government, he said, had carried out, as well as planned, many other projects and programmes with the aim of carrying Sabah forward.

Some of these include better roads, electricity, basic infrastructure, tahfiz schools as well as an Islamic Centre which is already in the pipeline.