Ku Nan: BN keeping close eye on trouble after naming of candidates

Tengku Adnan Mansor says party will take action against ‘troublemakers’.

PUTRAJAYA: BN is drawing up plans to overcome apparent opposition within the ranks to candidates chosen for Wangsa Maju and Bandar Tun Razak.

BN secretary-general Tengku Adnan Mansor said there was talk of plans to sabotage the BN candidates in the two parliamentary constituencies.

Yeow Teong Look of MCA in standing in Wangsa Maju and Adnan Abu Seman of Umno in Bandar Tun Razak.

“In Wangsa Maju, we are studying the situation.

“Probably, the state liaison body will take over all functions in the division as we hear there are elements intending to sabotage the MCA candidate representing BN.

“Similarly in Bandar Tun Razak, I have discussed with the MCA.

“We hear there are elements in MCA planning to sabotage the Umno candidate contesting in the constituency. We will take action,” he said.

Tengku Adnan said he had written letters to all leaders of BN component parties three weeks ago on the issue of sabotage within the component parties following the selection of candidates.

“We are monitoring every area throughout the country.

“The party will certainly take action against any trouble-maker.”

Tengku Adnan also warned Umno members contesting in the upcoming polls as independent candidates that they will immediately lose their party membership.

In issuing the warning, Tengku Adnan urged those not selected as candidates not to be too emotional and to understand the Umno constitution and concept of “wala” and “tabayyun” practised by the party.

“We discuss and exchange views before deciding on the candidate that we want.

“‘Wala’ is obeying what our leader has decided and ‘tabayyun’ is ensuring the decision of the leader is implemented,” he said when commenting on speculation that the Special Affairs Department (Jasa) director-general Mohd Puad Zarkashi would contest as an independent after not being listed as a BN candidate in GE14.

Earlier, Tengku Adnan had distributed 9,000 PutraPay cards to students, the disabled (OKU) and senior citizens at Putrajaya Sentral here today to enable them to board the bus, Nadiputra, free of charge on any of the bus routes for a period of one year.

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