E-bidding for vehicle plate numbers to help fill govt coffers

Transport Minister Anthony Loke says the e-bidding system will improve efficiency and increase revenue for the government.

PUTRAJAYA: The Road Transport Department (JPJ) will roll out an electronic bidding system for the public to buy their favourite vehicle plate numbers.

New Transport Minister Anthony Loke said the system, which will be in place by January next year, would enable anyone to buy any number from anywhere.

“The system will improve efficiency and increase revenue for the government,” he said at his ministry today.

“In 2017, JPJ contributed RM4 billion to the federal government through revenue from driving licences, road tax and vehicle plate numbers.

“Of the amount, RM280 million was raised from normal bidding for plate numbers. The amount should increase with the introduction of e-bidding.”

Loke said the rich were encouraged to buy their favourite numbers via e-bidding to contribute to government revenue.

He assured the public that vehicle numbers would continue to be allocated through the normal process without additional cost.

Loke also announced that the previous government’s practice of allowing selected NGOs to sell special vehicle numbers would be immediately stopped.

“All plate number registration must go through JPJ without exception. I will stop NGOs from selling new number plates that we roll out.

“All revenue must go to the government as we need the money,” he said.