Women in Cabinet: Quality matters more than gender, says Rafidah

PETALING JAYA: Former international trade minister Rafidah Aziz today brushed off criticism that the new government had not appointed enough women to the Cabinet.

She urged Malaysians not to focus on gender but to focus on quality instead.

“I think many people have not listened to what I said before about this. Let’s not talk about numbers please, talk about the quality. May the best person be there to lead and do what it takes for the country. I don’t care whether it is a man or woman or in between if there is any.

“It is the person, the output, the value system the person holds that is important,” she said in an interview with BFM today.

Rafidah also asked the people not to quibble over the matter as the country was only two years away from 2020.

“For as long as we quibble over the issue, we’re going to get substandard people out there,” she said.

Pakatan Harapan had pledged in its election manifesto to have 30% women in the Cabinet. Many civil society organisations and activists have demanded that the new government fulfil its promise.