Guan Eng to Najib: Prove Arul Kanda took pay cut

1MDB president Arul Kanda Kandasamy was said to have earned more than RM10 million prior to joining 1MDB. (Reuters pic)

GEORGE TOWN: Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng wants former prime minister Najib Razak to show proof that former 1MDB president Arul Kanda Kandasamy earned more than RM10 million in his previous job in the private sector.

This is in reference to Najib previously stating that Arul Kanda was earning so much more when he was working in a bank in the United Arab Emirates, and that he had taken a big pay cut to join 1MDB.

“Can Najib show proof that Arul Kanda earned a salary of more than RM10 million a year? There has been talk that he was willing to take a pay cut to work with 1MDB.

“But to date, this is just mere talk, so I hope he can furnish proof,” he said here today.

Lim had, in the Dewan Rakyat earlier this week, revealed that Najib had approved the RM5 million salary package for Arul Kanda.

Lim also pointed out that Najib had been talking about how much Arul Kanda had sacrificed and contributed, but this was not the case.

“We see 1MDB sustaining losses. On top of that, it has incurred a lot of debt. So what has he sacrificed? What did Arul Kanda sacrifice, and what did he lose?

“On the contrary, we can see that Arul Kanda has profited RM5 million for six months’ work. And Najib approved it. So what says the former prime minister?”

Lim reiterated that the government was not out for vengeance, but merely sought accountability on where the country’s money had gone, and why the country owed RM5 billion due to the scandal surrounding the embattled sovereign wealth fund.

“If we want to probe, on the basis of accountability and transparency, and if that is deemed to be taking revenge, then 30 million Malaysians must be holding grudges as well.

“This is because, 30 million Malaysians want to know where their money went, and why we are in so much debt after this scandal. It is such a big loss.

“Malaysians are not vengeful. They just want accountability and transparency on where their money went,” he added.