Ivana’s hosts unlikely to testify in inquest

Dutch model Ivana Smit was said to have gone out with Alex and Luna Johnson the night before she died. (Instagram pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: The American-Kazakh couple who hosted Dutch model Ivana Smit in their condominium last year before her sudden death are not expected to testify in an ongoing inquest into the matter.

Alex and Luna Johnson’s lawyer, GM Tan, who is holding a watching brief for the couple, was heard telling deputy public prosecutor N Joy Jothi in between proceedings in court that the couple would not be testifying this week as expected.

Tan said he did not know where they were and he was heard telling Jothi that he was in contact with Alex and Luna through WhatsApp, and had spoken to them through a WhatsApp call yesterday.

When approached by the media later, Tan said he could neither deny nor confirm this as he had strict instructions not to speak to the press, adding that he would clarify the situation in court tomorrow.

Jothi told FMT later that she was informed by Tan about the possible no-show from Alex and Luna tomorrow, but declined to comment further.

Cryptocurrency trader Alex, 44, and his wife Luna, 31, have maintained their innocence and were initially expected to testify this week at the inquest.

Smit is believed to have fallen off Alex and Luna’s 20th floor condo balcony around 10am last Dec 7.

She crashed through a balcony roof on the sixth floor and was found by the unit’s occupant around 2pm when he returned from work.

Smit, Luna and Alex went out for drinks in Bangsar the night before Smit’s death and visited a nightclub in the area.

Police had originally classified the case as sudden death, but it was reopened by Dang Wangi police following claims of foul play by Smit’s family.

They claimed there was a chance Smit was dead long before her fall.

Smit moved to Malaysia when she was three and lived for 13 years in Penang with her paternal grandparents.