‘Malaysia 1’ vehicle plate fetches RM1.1 million

Transport Minister Anthony Loke (centre) shows the ‘Malaysia 1’ vehicle plate number which brought in the highest bid of RM1,111,111. (Bernama pic)

PUTRAJAYA: The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has so far collected RM13,167,971.37 from bids for the special “Malaysia” series of vehicle plate numbers, the transport minister said today.

The top 10 registration numbers alone brought in RM3,622,610, Anthony Loke told reporters.

“The registration number which garnered the highest bid of RM1,111,111 is ‘Malaysia 1’ which was bought by Aldi International Sdn Bhd,” he said.

He said the sale of limited edition licence plates by JPJ had proven an effective method to generate revenue for the government.

“This shows how much more the former administration could have done with the sale of previous limited edition registration numbers,” he added.

Bidding for the “Malaysia” series of vehicle plate numbers opened on Aug 1, with the minimum price of RM10,000 set for premier numbers 1 to 10.

The ministry is hopeful of collecting more than RM22 million, which was the amount collected by JPJ for the sale of the “V” series.

Plate number “V1” was sold for RM989,780 while the highest amount paid was RM1.3 million for “Patriot 1”.

However, Loke said the money raised for the “Patriot” special series was given to an NGO, a practice that has been discontinued.

“Everything collected now goes straight to the government coffers, not like how it was managed previously.

“Even ministers will have to bid for these numbers, as how I did too. But I didn’t get the number (Malaysia 509) that I bid for. Congratulations to the person who got it,” he added.

Loke reportedly made a bid of RM1,509 for the “509” plate number, which represents the date and month of the 14th general election on May 9.

He said popular numbers like 4334, 4499, 4554 and 5533 had yet to find a successful bidder.

“There are still 6,645 plate numbers open for bidding. However, the public will not be able to choose their preferred numbers.

“A minimum of RM500 is required to bid for the numbers,” he added.

Asked about the number plate “Malaysia 2020”, Loke said JPJ had reserved it for Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad who coined Vision 2020 during his first stint in the post.

“We may show a government official vehicle with that plate number during the National Day celebration parade at the end of the month,” he said.

Loke also said there could be future sales of limited edition registration numbers after the good response received from the “Malaysia” series.