Journalist rants at ‘DAP haters’ after offer to helm Bernama revoked

The Bernama headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. (Flickr pix)

PETALING JAYA: A journalist who once worked with DAP publications today said an offer for him to helm Bernama had been revoked, blaming “personal attacks” and “unfair condemnations” from the party’s enemies.

Wan Hamidi Hamid, a former editor of DAP mouthpiece The Rocket, also listed his past stints working with several mainstream media outlets as well as news portals, and dismissed critics who raised fears that his appointment could undermine press freedom due to his past affiliation with a party organ.

“I actually believe in free press and freedom of expression, although we know that in the Malaysian context, it’s easier said than done. But we must never give up,” he said in comments posted on Facebook.

Critics have said that any move to appoint Wan Hamidi would politicise Bernama, which comes under the communications and multimedia ministry headed by DAP deputy chairman Gobind Singh Deo.

Among them was former minister Rais Yatim, who said the move was also against the Pakatan Harapan government’s pledge to do away with political appointees.

“If we appoint someone who clearly represents a political party, then we are not walking the talk,” Rais, who is now part of PPBM, had said.

Wan Hamidi said he would not entertain those calling him on the matter, but suggested that there were those who “hated DAP” who had campaigned against his appointment.

“If you really want to know, perhaps you should you ask the Bernama board or the Cabinet minister(s), or those people and racial groups including some media and news portals that hate DAP. Perhaps they know more,” he said.