Value your customers, solve Streamyx woes, Gobind urges TM

Minister Gobind Singh Deo says Telekom Malaysia should explain properly to customers whatever problems it is facing and what is being done to solve them.

KUALA LUMPUR: The communications and multimedia ministry (KKMM) has called on Telekom Malaysia (TM) to explain its high charges for its Streamyx line-based broadband service and address grouses of customers.

Minister Gobind Singh Deo said he had directed the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to seek a clarification from TM and a report would be released by next week.

“TM should be more concerned. They should provide an explanation regarding the Streamyx issue to its customers. What are the suggestions for resolving this issue?

“If Streamyx’s copper infrastructure (phone line cables) are not capable of delivering high-speed broadband, please state so and clearly explain its next steps to solve the problem,” he said in a tweet today.

He also pointed out that keeping mum over the issue is not an option, especially when there are so many Streamyx users in the country.

“Whatever the case, TM should value its customers and respond,” he added.