‘Sugar baby’ dating service created by Malaysian opening down under

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian creator of a “sugar daddy” and “sugar baby” dating service intends to set up an office in New Zealand and Australia.

New Zealand Herald reported that SugarBook chief executive Darren Chan, 31, said he wanted to take advantage of the “rising trend of sugar relationships down under”.

The company links older men with younger women. These men are willing to offer these women cash and other rewards in exchange for dates and “a relationship”.

SugarBook’s sugar dating app claims to have 10,000 members signed up in New Zealand, the newspaper reported.

SugarBook and similar dating apps have been slammed in the past, with critics saying these arrangements were no different from prostitution.

The newspaper said SugarBook is being watched by police in Singapore and has been accused of facilitating illegal prostitution in Malaysia.

Its website has the slogan “Where Romance Meets Finance” and offers free entry.

Such dating services have sparked concerns about young women being exploited. Some of these women claim their higher studies were sponsored by their “sugar daddies”.

Besides cash, these women also receive breast enhancements, watches, handbags and paid holidays.

New Zealand Herald said another sugar dating website, SeekingArrangements, based in the US, claimed last year to have more than 50,000 members signed up in New Zealand.

It sparked warnings from immigration authorities in New Zealand that such relationships may breach temporary visa conditions for international students who wanted to be “sugar babies”. They were warned that they could be deported.

SugarBook holds “sugar daddy parties” overseas to bring sugar babies and sugar daddies together.