‘Satanic’ heavy metal concert on Easter day called off

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PETALING JAYA: A heavy metal band’s concert in Kuala Lumpur on Easter Sunday has reportedly been cancelled after Protestant church leaders demanded an explanation for why it was allowed to take place on Christianity’s holiest day.

The Singapore-based band Devouror was to have made its debut at the concert this weekend.

The organisers said this evening that they had cancelled the show in order not to offend “or get into trouble with authorities”. They said the cancellation was not only “a huge setback to us in financial terms, but it also has caused many fans of extreme music to be denied of their interest”.

Earlier today, Protestant church leaders had protested against the live concert and called for an explanation why the band was being allowed to “promote their music using extremely offensive and denigrating language that can hurt the religious feelings of others”.

Rev. Dr. Hermen Shastri, secretary of the Christian Council of Malaysia, said the band, formed in 2018, “prides itself in carrying lyrical themes that are anti-Christian and pro-Satanic”.

The live concert would be an affront to the religious sentiments of Christians in being held while Christians are celebrating Easter, which commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“We hope the current government will look into the matter immediately, as this is not the kind of culture we want to promote among the youth of our country,” he said.

The council represents Anglican, Lutheran, Syrian and Methodist churches in Malaysia.

Devouror is listed on a heavy-metal web site as having been “being forged in hell’s fire” in November 2018 in Singapore. The band members are listed as Shyaithan on guitar, singer Antichristo Xul, guitar-player Asura, bass-player Cryptor and drummer Dizazter.