We shot dog after attacks on pet goat, military officer, says Ipoh city council

Ipoh City Council officers taking care of the stray dog in Pengkalan Gate. (Facebook pic)

GEORGE TOWN: The Ipoh City Council has defended the shooting of a stray dog after receiving complaints of a “wild” dog which attacked a senior-ranking military officer and a pet goat.

It said it sent its Dog Control Unit on May 22 to the Pengkalan Gate neighbourhood, Lahat, to kill the dog. This was part of its extermination of stray dogs policy.

In a statement on Facebook, the council said its action followed provisions under the Dog Licensing Bylaws (Ipoh Municipal Council) 1987.

“We got rid of one stray dog due to repeated complaints received and hope this matter is resolved once and for all.

“Our hope is that Ipoh is free forever from stray dogs,” it said.

A resident filmed the city council enforcement officers killing the stray dog and the video has gone viral on social media.

Animal activists have called it an inhumane way to deal with strays.

The one-minute video shows two council officers watching a dog they had shot die. A minute on, the officer fires another shot at the dog.

Animal activist Dalbinder Singh said it was time for local government bylaws to be amended to prevent such inhumane killing of animals.

He said killing strays does not help reduce the stray population. A better way is to use the “trap, neuter and release” method.

“Over and over again, animal interest groups have been pleading with the authorities to practise a more humane approach towards handling strays.

“Use a tranquilliser gun instead if absolutely needed. Why the need for bloodshed? After the tranquilliser gun is used, then assess the need for the dog to be euthanised.”