Law will decide if flying car can take off, says Redzuan

“Vector” – a small-scale protoype flying vehicle exhibited at the Langkawi aerospace exhibition in March.

PUTRAJAYA: Entrepreneur Development Minister Redzuan Yusof is optimistic the prototype for the flying car can be completed by year-end.

“However, whether the flying car can take off, depends on the law,” he said today after launching a fair price bazaar organised by his ministry here.

Redzuan noted that criticisms had been levelled by the opposition against the project, however the public and especially the younger generation still in school had begun to understand the idea of a flying car.

“If they make fun of it, it only reflects their mentality. We need to accept that,” he said.

Redzuan said what was important is for the government to figure out its future plans, as the pace of innovation would advance very quickly. “We are always left behind,” he said.

In March, Redzuan had said that the project will be driven by local technology and the prototype is expected to be introduced this year. He believes that the development of a flying car can draw foreign investments and open up more opportunities, notably in the field of engineering.

Asked on the progress of the third national car project, Redzuan said the matter was now in final stages of discussion with strategic partners. “We leave it to the prime minister to announce,” he said.