Taxi and Grab drivers urged to sign up for Socso

Taxi and Grab drivers are required to sign up for a Socso scheme for the self-employed.

PETALING JAYA: Drivers of taxis and Grab cars have been reminded to quickly register and make contributions to a Socso scheme to protect the self-employed.

They have two weeks left to do so, after which they are at risk of being levied compound fines.

So far, only about 13,000 taxi and Grab drivers have done so, Deputy Human Resources Minister Mahfuz Omar said in Alor Setar today, Bernama reported.

He said. “The number is actually very low even though they are aware of the many benefits awaiting them under the scheme” which covers employment injury scheme for the self-employed.

Mahfuz’s remarks at a Socso publicity event for the scheme, come a week after a taxi company boss said taxi drivers were not signing up because they are unclear about the benefits of the scheme. They were still in the dark about what Socso offered, although they had been directed by the government last year to register.

“The services provided by the scheme are not that good. There are shortcomings, a lot of things can’t be claimed through the scheme,” he told FMT.

However, Mahfuz said today that the benefits included medical treatment, permanent or temporary disablement, constant-attendance allowance, dependent’s benefit, funeral benefit, education benefit and facilities for physical, vocational rehabilitation and return-to-work programme.

He said drivers could choose one of four contribution levels, with the lowest rate being RM157.20 a year.

In Kota Bharu, Kelantan Socso director Nora Yaacob told Bernama that only 104 out of 1,925 taxi and Grab drivers registered with the Land Public Transport Agency in Kelantan, were making contributions to Socso.

She said the drivers could choose the type of protection they want with the minimum package of RM13 or maximum of RM285 a month.