3.2mil non-citizens among Malaysia’s population of 32.6mil

National statistics show Malaysia’s total population has grown slightly to 32.6 million. (Bernama pic)

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia’s population this year is estimated at 32.6 million, up from 32.4 million last year, according to the Statistics Department.

The Chief Statistician, Dr Mohd Uzir Mahidin, said that 29.4 million are Malaysian citizens and 3.2 million non-citizens.

On the sex ratio, there are 107 males per 100 females, with the male population at 16.8 million, while the female population is 15.8 million, he said.

He said the composition of the population age from 0-14 in 2019 dropped to 23.3%, from 23.8% last year, while the percentage of those aged 65 and above rose to 6.7% from 6.5% last year.

Based on the National Senior Citizens’ Policy, the aging population occurs when the percentage of senior citizens or those aged 60 and above reached 15% of the total population, he added.

The statistics for this year showed a rise in the percentage of those aged 60 and above, at 10.3%, compared with 10% last year.

“Malaysia is expected to experience an aging population in 2030 with the percentage of people aged 60 and above at 5.3%,” he added.

Mohd Uzir said 20% of the total population are in Selangor, followed by Sabah (12%) and Johor (11.6%).

The Bumiputera population recorded an increase of 0.2% to 69.3%, while the Chinese ethnic group comprised 22.8%, down from 23%. The proportion of the Indian community remained at 6.9% and other ethnic groups at 1%.