Settle salaries before shutting airlines down, union tells Mavcom

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PETALING JAYA: The National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia has urged federal authorities to ensure that airline staff are paid their salaries before failing airlines are closed down.

The union said recent action by the Malaysian Aviation Commission and the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia to revoke the operating permits of a charter airline company had come “a little too late” as the company was believed to owe 300 employees their salaries for three months.

The two aviation authorities have since revoked the air service permit and air operator certificate of the company.

“What happens after these airlines are shut down is still disturbing as they escape punishment from the law. Worse, thousands of airline employees have been left without any salaries owed to them once these airlines are put to foreclosure,” the union said in a statement to FMT.

The union urged the transport ministry and human resources ministry to step in before the airline is shut down. Federal authorities should also freeze the airline’s assets, in order to compel payments to their staff before the airline is closed, it said.

“In most cases, these employers won’t settle and will get off scot-free, leaving employees in the lurch,” the union said.

Airlines that fail to pay staff salaries should not have their licences renewed, it added. Otherwise, the airline would put the crew and pilots at risk should they continue operating.