RM937 for 3 durians ‘reasonable’, rules ministry in dismissing woman’s complaint

The woman asked for the ‘biggest and tastiest durians’, the stall owners are reported to have said.

GEORGE TOWN: The domestic trade and consumer affairs ministry today declared as “reasonable” the almost RM1,000 that a woman paid for three durians to a stallholder on Macalister Road.

The ministry’s deputy director in Penang, Chin Ching Chung, said that after an investigation, it found that there was no element of profiteering as complained by the woman.

In June, the buyer took to Facebook after a durian stall charged her RM937 for two Black Thorns and one Musang King durian.

The trader claimed that the woman had come to the stall asking for the “biggest and tastiest durians”, a report read.

“We asked for sales and purchase invoices, sales records and financial statements from the two owners running the durian shack as part of our probe,” Chin told reporters today.

“We also took into account how much the traders paid the employees, utility bills and other costs.

“They gave us all the relevant documents and we found the price of the three durians to be reasonable.”

Chin said the traders, however, were slapped with a RM2,000 compound for displaying a “confusing” price tag written only in Chinese.

“The price tag of RM65 to RM95 a kilo for a Black Thorn variety durian was found to be confusing and could likely be manipulated by the traders,” he said.

The fine was issued under the Price Control (Indication of Price by Retailers) Order 1993.

Chin said the ministry had also issued 10 compounds totalling RM1,500 for various trade description offences to durian traders in the state. He, however, did not give the precise number of traders.

He said of the 10 compounds, seven were for offences “related to weighing scales”.