Shafee wins bid to set aside AG’s contempt proceedings against him

Lawyer Shafee Abdullah.

KUALA LUMPUR: The High Court here allowed lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah’s bid to set aside an order for contempt proceedings obtained by Attorney-General (AG) Tommy Thomas against him for allegedly undermining the administration of justice.

Judge Mohd Firuz Jaffril ruled that the application filed by the AG was lacking in particulars on the contempt charges.

“The AG, as applicant, must set out the facts fairly for the defendant to know what he is charged with and for him to make applications to set aside the previous order that allowed the AG to start contempt proceedings or prepare his defence,” he said.

Firuz added the alleged contempt complaint against Shafee about “scandalising the court” was nowhere to be found in the AG’s application.

“It is clearly missing in his statement.”

The court also ordered the AG to pay costs of RM30,000.

Lawyer David Mathews represented Shafee while senior federal counsel Alice Loke and Shamsul Bolhassan appeared for the AG’s Chambers in this contempt case.

Previously, Thomas was given the green light to begin committal proceedings against Shafee over his comments made outside the High Court after mention of former prime minister Najib Razak’s SRC International case on Feb 7.

The AG had sought to initiate contempt proceedings on grounds that he, as the guardian of public interest, was tasked with protecting the integrity and administration of justice.

Shafee reportedly said that Najib’s defence team could win if the judge was left alone and not influenced.

He allegedly added that victory was possible “if the judge is straight, if witnesses are not coached, and if evidence is not fabricated”.