Let Azmin sex video allegation rest, says Tian Chua

PKR vice-president Tian Chua says the allegation is an attempt to defame Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali.

PETALING JAYA: PKR vice-president Tian Chua hopes gay sex allegations against Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali will be put to rest now that the attorney-general has said he will not prosecute anyone implicated in a video clip that went viral last year.

He further claimed the allegation was an attempt to defame Azmin who is PKR deputy president.

This comes after Attorney-General Tommy Thomas today said he would not be prosecuting individuals implicated in a sex video, citing the inability to identify the individuals concerned.

Tian Chua told FMT: “I am glad it happened this way because it has been an unnecessary distraction for a while. The minister will be able to focus on his work while the people can put their energy to work on important issues affecting the nation.”

Tian Chua, seen as a keen supporter of Azmin, added the AG’s decision had come after months of investigation by police and, therefore, no one should be unhappy with the decision.

Last June, former PKR Santubong Youth chief Haziq Aziz shocked the nation with claims that he was one of the persons in several viral video clips which showed two men performing homosexual acts.

Haziq named Azmin as the other person in the video. Azmin, however, denied the allegation, saying that it was aimed at killing his political career.

Tian Chua said the video had no consequence on the nation and that it was merely an attempt to defame Azmin.

“It has no impact on the treasury of the country, it does not involve public funds or any policy change,” adding that it had only cost police their time.

“Now that Azmin is cleared. Let’s move on,” Tian Chua added.

Meanwhile, Kapar MP Abdullah Sani, who is a strong supporter of Anwar, when contacted, said he had no comment on the matter while PKR information chief Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin told FMT he would comment on the issue later.