Be lenient with lorry drivers at road blocks, says association

Lorry associations want enforcement authorities to be lenient as JPJ and Puspakom offices are closed.

PETALING JAYA: The biggest lorry association in the country has called for leniency when lorries are checked at road blocks.

With the armed forces involved in enforcing travel restrictions from Sunday, Pan Malaysia Lorry Association president Ng Koong Sin said association members are concerned as enforcement is being strengthened.

“We hope they do not penalise truckers travelling from one place to another.

“Some of them may be carrying both essential and non-essential goods. It may not be essential to some but it may be essential to others, ” he told FMT.

He said association members had been advised to ask suppliers to issue acknowledgement letters.

For instance, he said if lorry drivers were to transport non-essential goods such as equipment, they should ask for letters from the suppliers. “They can at least show these letters at roadblocks,” he added.

As for vegetables being sent to Singapore and Thailand, he asked the government for a system by which lorries could enter and exit borders quickly.

The association has about 400,000 members across the country.

Problems with expired road tax, Puspakom permits

Sabah Lorry Association head Steven Chua said enforcement authorities were also being urged to be lenient on vehicles with expired road tax or without Puspakom certificates of roadworthiness.

“A lot of members have called me raising concerns about this as the Road Transport Department and Puspakom are closed due to the movement control order.

“They have no choice but to drive. I hope we can continue doing our work,” added Chua.