Don’t charge RM10 for RM3.80 items, hairdressers told

The consumer affairs minister says salons should not charge more for additional items.

PUTRAJAYA: The new rate for haircuts should be in line with the additional costs that barbers and hairdressers have to bear and not burden the consumers, said the minister for consumer affairs, Alexander Nanta Linggi.

He said only the cost of items used for prevention of Covid-19 infection can be charged on customers in addition to the actual cost of a haircut.

“For example, if the process of cutting hair involves only the use of face mask, disposable apron, gloves and hand sanitiser, then only the cost of these items can be charged on the customer other than the original cost for a haircut,” he said in a statement today.

Another example is that if the additional items comprise a RM3 plastic apron, gloves (50 sen) and hand sanitiser (30 sen), so the total additional cost is only RM3.80, said Nanta, adding that barber shops cannot impose additional charges of up to RM10.

He said the ministry’s enforcement personnel would carry out inspections at barber shops, hair salons and others to ensure that no operators would take advantage of the situation and burden the consumers.

Nanta also suggested that hair salons and beauty parlours display a list of prices for each additional item as well as service charge for haircuts to enable customers to check prices in advance and avoid confusion.

Consumers could lodge reports to the ministry about unreasonable additional charges through WhatsApp at 019- 2794317, call centre at 1 800 886 800 or e-mail [email protected].

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