Upin and Ipin roped in to promote Malaysian products

Upin and Ipin will be familiar figures in the government’s Buy Malaysian Products campaign.

SHAH ALAM: Malaysia’s popular animated pair Upin and Ipin have been selected as the domestic trade and consumer affairs ministry’s strategic partners to promote the Buy Malaysian Products campaign.

Its minister, Alexander Nanta Linggi, said the choice of the animated characters is in line with the campaign’s objective of promoting 100% local products in Malaysia as well as at the international level.

“The popularity of the animated series is undeniable among the people in the country and internationally. For the animation film industry, the ministry is partnering with Les’ Copaque Production Sdn Bhd, owner of the Upin and Ipin characters.

“We need the cooperation of all quarters to make the campaign a success and we will also promote other brands in the industry,” he told reporters after visiting the animation company in Section 13 here today.

Linggi said the strength of the Upin and Ipin animated characters, built since more than 10 years ago, was in their ability to deliver the ministry’s message.

“With this campaign, we hope that Malaysians will buy more locally made products. This will help to restore the country’s economy following the Covid-19 outbreak.

“By buying Malaysian products, it will also help local employers and companies to avoid laying off their workers,” he said.

Les’ Copaque said it would introduce a community service by Upin and Ipin, as well as several animated series relating to the campaign.

It said the Upin and Ipin mascots would also be on the ground to promote the campaign.

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