Racist rule in Cyberjaya neighbourhood shocks expat

A high-end residential project in Cyberjaya bars Africans from renting homes in the area.

KUALA LUMPUR: A Libyan expatriate was horrified after learning that he is a persona non grata at a premium residential neighbourhood in Cyberjaya, all because of his skin colour.

The management of the development, built by a top property company, has imposed a rule barring Africans from renting homes in the area.

Omar Amer Abou Abouabdalla said he was informed of the rule by his property agent.

The senior college lecturer said it was the first time he had come across “such blatant racism”.

“I am shocked. You can’t just judge people from where they are from. I have been in the country for 24 years. In fact, I am more Malaysian than some other Malaysians,” the father of three told FMT.

FMT has contacted the property developer, and is withholding its identity pending a response.

Omar said while he understood there were rules to ensure local sensitivities are protected, banning a specific race was a step too far.

“It is just very rude. I cannot accept this.”

Checks with several sales agents have confirmed Omar’s claim.

It is understood that the ruling was set by the management after a “bad experience” with past tenants from Africa.

“But it is racist. I feel sad and disappointed for Omar because we cannot proceed with the viewing,” said one agent when contacted.

Omar’s racist encounter is not new.

Rules barring residents from African countries have in the past stirred controversy in Malaysia.

It was reported that the management body of Ridzuan Condominium had attempted to ban African tenants twice.

In 2017, the condominium put up a notice barring Africans from renting units.

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