Woman lodges police report over payment dispute at supermarket

The woman had used her debit card to pay for groceries costing RM556. (Reuters pic)

PETALING JAYA: A woman has lodged a police report claiming she has been “harassed” by a supermarket over a disputed payment for groceries.

On Aug 1, Vijiya and her parents went to NSK Selayang to purchase groceries and paid a total of RM556.15 for the items by using a BSN debit card.

However, she said, the cashier told them the transaction was unsuccessful and requested them to pay with cash.

Vijiya refused, saying the money had been deducted from the bank account. “My parents and I went to an ATM machine available in the supermarket to confirm the transaction by checking the balance in the account,” she said.

Despite showing proof of the deduction, she claimed the supermarket prevented them from leaving, saying there was no payment received.

“We had to wait until midnight before my brother came and urged them to release us with the groceries. We were forced to sign forms, acknowledging the unsuccessful transaction,” she told FMT.

She said the supermarket had been contacting them since, asking her mother to make another payment.

She made the police report last Tuesday “to protect her parents” but the officers said there was nothing much they could do.

FMT contacted NSK, whose spokesman said they had contacted BSN to refund the money to the customer’s account.

The spokesman said the bank had issued a refund reference number (RRN) to the customer.

“We have emailed the RRN to the customer. All they have to do is submit the RRN to their bank to get a refund. Once they get the refund, they need to do the payment again,” she told FMT.

However, Vijiya said she had not received any refund from BSN. “How can I pay them again when I did not receive any refund?”

She also expressed disappointment over the “unfair treatment” at the supermarket. “We were held for two hours in the supermarket. It was embarrassing,” she said.