MACC faces political flak for Chinese web section

The MACC’s Mandarin section was launched today, joining an English-language section in addition to the main section in Bahasa Malaysia.

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission opened a Chinese-language section on its portal today, and immediately ran into political flak from a minor Malay rights party.

MACC said the Mandarin section was opened to meet the needs of the Chinese community for information on anti-corruption efforts and matters related to the commission.

In a statement, MACC said it hoped the section would further increase the confidence of the Chinese community in the commission and its anti-corruption agenda, and help to disseminate the message of fighting corruption.

The MACC website also has a section in English, besides its main section in Bahasa Malaysia.

The Mandarin section at https://www. was launched by the MACC deputy chief commissioner Shamshun Baharin Mohd Jamil today.

However, the Malay rights group Parti Bumiputera Pesaka Malaysia challenged the constitutionality of the Mandarin section.

This evening, its vice-president, Mohd Khairul Azam Abdul Aziz, was quoted as saying that the Mandarin section was unconstitutional and contrary to government policy and that the MACC is required to use the national language for all official matters.

“Malaysians can no longer be given a choice of languages apart from the national language when it comes to official matters,” he reportedly said. He contended that the MACC’s Mandarin section would contribute to the communication gap between people of different races in Malaysia.

The party has previously filed a suit against the government for the continued existence of vernacular schools. In February, Khairul Azam, 43, was charged for a Facebook posting about the Chinese and Indian communities which the prosecution alleged could stir racial sentiments. He pleaded not guilty.