9 Aussies, Kiwis missing after NZ volcano eruption, say police

Coroner Deborah Marshall, acting assistant police commissioner Bruce Bird addressing media in Whakatane. (AP pic)

WELLINGTON: Nine people have been officially listed as missing after the eruption of a volcano on New Zealand’s White Island, police said on Wednesday, seven of them Australians and two New Zealanders.

“This is not a complete list of the missing as we have been unable to speak with all next of kin involved,” the police added in their statement.

The death toll from Monday’s eruption stands at six and 30 injured.

The police said there was a definitive list of people in hospital whose names could not be released due to privacy reasons.

Nine people who were not in hospital and had not been discharged were listed officially as missing.

The nine are Gavin Dallow, Jessica Richards, Krystal Browitt, Richard Elzer, Zoe Hosking, Karla Matthews and Julie Richards, all from Australia, and New Zealanders Tipene Maangi and Hayden Inman.